3DViewStation is a powerful 3D CAD viewer and universal viewer for engineers and designers, made for 3D viewing, 3D CAD analysis, 2D viewing, Office viewing, technical documentation and 3D publishing.

Users in the area of sales & marketing, design, change management, operations scheduling, manufacturing, documentation, service and spare parts management, etc. will be able to reliably, efficiently and economically handle their visualization and DMU (Digital MockUp) processes. The system includes important analysis functions such as measurement, dimensioning, markups & text annotations, a 2D comparism function, a 3D comparison function, fly through and true MultiCAD DMU, i.e. simultaneous loading and analysis of data from different CAD Systems, without conversion. In oder to protect your intellectual property 3DViewStation allows to automatically remove all invisible internal parts or to alienate geometries in cases when it is mandatory to forward files. 3DViewStation offers a complete programming interface (API) for automation and integration purposes.

Top Functions
Top Functions
  • High performance
  • Reliable CAD importers
  • photorealistic rendering using materials
  • PMI: Importing PMIs, handling PMI views like regular views, filtering by PMI type
  • Importing CAD attributes
  • Printing, with stamp, optional large format
  • product structure tree
  • Activating and generating coordinate systems
  • And any more ...
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Supported formats
Supported formats

Import (3DViewStation Desktop, ActiveX, WebViewer, Automation Server)

Supported format File Extension Format Version
3DViewStation 3DVS, 3DVSXML  
3DXML 3DXML 2011 - 2013
ACIS SAT, SAB Up to V7.0
Autodesk Inventor IPT, IAM Up to 2015
CGR CGR Up to R21
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Application scenarios

3D viewer for sales, engineering, project reviews, change management, task preparation, manufacturing, technical documentation, and collaboration. Compatible with Windows for desktops, notebooks, and tablet PCs. Use as a standalone app or integrated in PLM/PDM/ERP, product configuration solutions, service lifecycle management, spare part applications and other systems.

Scenarios and Details

Intuitive handling is one of the basic principles of 3DViewStation. That's why we designed the new UI along the lines of Microsoft Office, adding some intuitive ribbons. The user interface can be adapted to your specific requirements, and a quick access toolbar can be added. Shortcut keys can be defined for frequently used functions.

High performance

You need to be able to complete your tasks in a continuous flow, which is why we have ensured that the import interfaces with the various CAD systems function as quickly as possible. And now that 3DViewStation is available in a 64-bit version as well, all previous storage limits have gone out the window. Step on the gas pedal and utilize our internal data format whenever you need maximum performance.

3DViewStation comes in 9 language versions. Licensing: workstation-based or floating (optional).

3DViewStation Desktop-version 3DViewStation Desktop-version 3DViewStation WebViewer 3DViewStation WebViewer 3DViewStation VR-Edition 3DViewStation VR-Edition 3DViewStation Automation Server 3DViewStation Automation Server 3DViewStation ActiveX 3DViewStation ActiveX
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