Energy and utilities enterprises face arguably the highest stakes pressure to innovate than any other major industry today. The demand continues for more renewable energy choices, while the expectations to reduce outages and deliver exceptional customer service remain.


Visualize complex infrastructure networks

View, combine and analyze data from diverse sources including GIS, aerial imagery, engineering and government/regulatory

Connect schedules with key documents and data

Isolate outage data and tie back to specific equipment and systems

Integration with key enterprise systems such as Primavera


Reduce field service delays

Improve operational efficiencies

Test, measure and improve innovative methods

Enhance knowledge sharing and information across teams

Improve customer satisfaction and communications

Boost network reliability

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Compatibility between data formats is a market demand that cannot be ignored. True compatibility means supporting all high-end CAD systems such as CATIA, NX and ProE / Creo, mid-range systems such as Inventor, SolidWorks and Solid Edge, as well as neutral formats such as STEP, Parasolid, JT, 3D PDF, VRML and many more. Performance is just as important as reliability and the completeness with which data can be read. Up to-date interfaces that step in synchronicity with software updates from core CAD system suppliers. This is your demand - meeting it is our command.


It’s 2018. Opening 5GB of Catia or 20.000 parts SolidEdge in one second is a reality. High-performing tools are at the ready to raise the effectiveness of your employees. The Ziffer Americas team can help you identify key performance gaps and select the right solutions to fit those needs. It’s more than just purchasing a software, it’s finding the right integrations into existing environments, and the right team to get it done smoothly. Our best performance is perfecting yours.


In 70% of viewer solution use cases the purpose is purely to view data, supported by a full range of navigation aids and support to read manufacturing information, known as PMIs. In addition to fundamental functions such as zoom, rotate and move, you might also need functions to show/hide, cut, measure, dimension, compare, shift/rotate objects, generate images and convert to 3D. The range of selection functions is particularly important when working with assemblies. Discover the right feature set for every user, and watch what happens to productivity, profit and performance.

Best in class products
Best in class products

Choosing the right solutions for our clients since 2003 has given us exposure to a wide variety of environments and client types. From automotive to construction, from use cases relating to procurement - to those involving highly specialized engineering. We have identified a strong suite of products that we are proud to call ourselves experts on. With every deployment and every integration, this expertise grows. With every success story, our faith in these solutions grows. The proof is in the products. Try them free today.

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